Transportation:  Kindergarten

There are three options for transporting your child to school. You may transport your child by private vehicle directly to the Lange School. You may also walk directly to the Lange School. You may walk/transport your child to his/her home elementary school and have him/her ride the shuttle to Lange School. The shuttle service will be provided by the Kettering City Schools.

  1. Drop-Off and Pick Up Procedures

Parents, when you drive your children to Lange, please arrive between 8:40-8:45 A.M. to avoid the shuttle’s arrival time.  If you plan to leave your car -- even for  “just a minute”-- please park in the back of school in designated parking areas.   If you are truly just dropping off or picking up your child, please use the circular drive in the back of the building.  Cars may not be left running and unattended at any time on the school grounds.

  1. It is important to remember that the shuttles must leave promptly from their pick up points, Harman and Smith Elementary Schools. Families will need to plan carefully so that kindergartners walking with older siblings to their home school will arrive on time to ride the shuttle to Lange School.  Kindergartners will arrive at their home schools and go to a designated waiting area where they will be greeted and supervised by a staff member. Children will board the shuttle and ride the short distance to Lange School, where, again, a staff member or parent volunteer will supervise their entry into the school and their classrooms.  To facilitate childcare planning, parents must remember children may not arrive at their home schools prior to 8:25 A.M. Kindergartners must be picked up promptly when they return to their home school.

(When kindergarten parents bring students to Lange, please arrive between 8:40-8:45 A.M.  to avoid the shuttle’s arrival at Lange.  When parents pick up students, please refrain from going around the bus in the front if it is loading.

*Unless we have received a written directive from a parent,

our kindergartners will always be dismissed in the manner last directed by parent.

      Kindergarten Shuttles                          			

            		        Harman	        Smith					   
Pick up		8:30		8:30
Depart                        8:40                8:40			
Arrive at Lange	8:50		8:50			
Leave Lange		3:00		3:00			
Return		between 3:05 - 3:10

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We currently do lunch in two shifts as follows:

Lunch A:  11:45-12:15

Lunch B:  12:15-12:45

Cost of hot lunch is $2.75  CLICK HERE FOR DEC. MENU

Milk only is 25¢

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